Financing & Leasing

Bad Credit (Sub-Prime) Lending

More clients than ever have been affected by the economy in some way. Job loss, medical situations, or just plain life circumstances have birthed negative remarks on their credit history. For this reason, we have partnered with several lenders that specialize in lending to clients that have Bad Credit or need a second chance.

Prime Lending

Through our loan volume and business reputation, F&M Auto Brokerage has established essential relationships with many of the largest banks in the USA. These relationships have allowed us to bring in extremely favorable rates and terms for our client’s. We can generally customize a loan catered to our client’s exact desire while fulfilling their current needs.

Prime Leasing

F&M Auto Brokerage is one of the fastest growing generators of automotive leases in the Tri-State Metropolitan Area.. We consider leasing one of our areas of expertise, and use sophisticated software in order to help us analyze all the current available offers on the market. This allows us to make competitive decisions when thinking in the client’s best interest.

For payment-driven client’s that are somewhat flexible on the make and the model of vehicle, we are the best resource to use when informing our client’s which car presents the best payment value in the marketplace on any given day.

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