How F&M Works For You

Save Time and Avoid Hassels

The negotiating “game” involved in getting a car can consume a large amount of your valuable time. It can also be an excruciating process. Instead, let F&M Auto Brokerage handle all negotiations for you on a highly professional level.

Since 2014, our independent brokering and consulting firm has assisted several client’s with their automobile purchases and leases. The fact that a majority of our client base is repeat or referral is an excellent testimony to our expertise at providing simple, cost-effective, and time-efficient solutions. We not only give our client’s a great deal, but a great deal of respect as well.

Save $$ on a New or Pre-Owned Vehicle

F&M Auto Brokerage allows you to save on vehicles that dealership employees cannot offer. We can also use our clout to get the right pre-owned vehicle at the right price. As a result, you will pay the current market value, The purchase price or lease payment that we quote you in the process includes our compensation. You pay no Destination handling (D&H) charges with F&M Auto Brokerage as well as no “add-on” charges, ever!

Trade in your Present Vehicle

Everyone wants the maximum for their trade-in value when looking for a new vehicle. We determine that value by offering the vehicle to multiple dealer sources, and going to the highest offer.

Locate the Exact Vehicle You Desire

If you already have a certain vehicle that you have had your eye on, we will locate the vehicle for you. We look for similar models with the options that the client desires (if applicable) to ensure a great experience. With new cars, that means your choice (including color) is not limited to one specific dealers inventory.

Get Expert, Unbiased Advice

Since we are not directly affiliated with any manufacturer or dealer, you receive unbiased recommendations on which vehicles may best suit your needs. Our extensive relationship with local dealers allow us to locate vehicles in multiple locations to assess which will work in the client’s best interest.

This allows us to analyze particular makes, models, and years to offer you unbiased insight. We can also help you evaluate the appropriateness of buying versus leasing for your specific situation.


Our relationships and consistent volume month to month with a variety of financial institutions allows us to offer you the best financing options at or below market rates.

Obtaining a Lease

We can help you avoid the possible mistakes when executing a lease purchase. You will be presented with understandable lease documents that are designed to meet your leasing requirements.

**F&M Guarantee Success depends on the clients satisfaction in working with F&M Auto Brokerage. You deserve to get the vehicle you want, and to be treated both fairly and courteously in the process. We willingly go out of our way to ensure client excellence.

If for any reason our service does not live up to your expectations, let us know anytime prior to giving us permission to acquire a vehicle on your behalf. We will ensure a speedy return on any deposits you have given us.

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